About US

Katie Lowe

I became interested in painting because of childhood time spent with Aunt Jan. My Aunt Jan painted in oils as a hobby. I was always involved with creative work, in paper mache, clay and drawing. In 6th grade I bagan private lessons with Beverly Rink, a local artist in Marlboro. As a student I began in pastels, with still life and soon learned that I loved it and had talent. Often I would stay awake late in my room, drawing and listening to music. I received encouragement from friends and loved the energy. In high school I experimented with other art forms, pottery, photography, and portraits, winning some awards for photos and calligraphy. Independent study continued into college, along with drawing and design courses and as a hobby after college. I worked for a screen printer doing paste up and learned how to do tie-die T-Shirts. When I met Paul we began building portfolio and painting together as a team, sharing opinions on color, detail, perspective and proportion. It is great having a second set of eyes sharing the same interest. The feedback I get from people is precious and satisfaction seeing my work in their home is a wonderful feeling. Nothing is a better high.

Paul Lowe

I became extremely involved in art as early as pre-school. As far back as I can remember I’ve been doing some form of portraiture. When I was really young, I filled notepads with portraits of athletes. In elementary and High School I won several art contests and was encouraged by instructors and family to pursue further training. At 12 I started private drawing lessons specifically in portraiture, learning texture, tone, and shading and the elements of light versus shadows with the entire set of H&B drawing pencils. In high school I focused on graphic arts and portraiture. I was fascinated with different methods of printing(particularly silk screening). In college, fearing that I could not make a living in fine arts I chose Industrial Art as a major for one year. Through this experience I discovered it was more of a science or technology than art. I left Fitchburg State College and attended Westfield State College and majored in Commercial and Fine Art. During this period I began selling a lot of my work around campus and gained a tremendous amount on confidence. I began exploring different types of media— charcoal, acrylics, conte crayons, pastels, oil paints, watercolors, and rapidiograph pens. Although I made mistakes along the line, I consider those years my experimentation years. I believe that I developed as an artist and I gained respect from my peers, and my art teachers. I was obsessed with realism even if my work was surrealism. I began to explore different artist’s styles from the Renaissance Period,and the style of pointalism, and several illustrators that worked with oils, rapidiograph pens, and airbrush.

I studied contemporary painting, print making, illustration, and surrealistic painting at the Worcester Art Museum for two years, and enrolled in air brush courses at the New England School of Art & Design. Today , along with my artist wife Katie, I concentrate on portraiture for friends and family. This provides most of our commissions, along with our ongoing Bloozart collection. Over the years our artwork has been used for T-shirt reproduction, and concert promotion. We have done artwork for several Blues legends, and athletes. We achieve an inexplicable high with each work we complete, and each satisfied customer. The support we get from each other, and that fronm our family and friends gives us the drive to continue our artistic journey.